About Us

       Thanks to its experience and its technological mastery, MTM MILL TEKNOLOJI (Machniery and Technologies for Milling) company has managed to become a reference manufacturer of equipment and machinery for the grain industry. It is involved in the processing of flour and semolina milling, and animal feed. The founders of MTM, which are engineers and from a secular family tradition of grain milling, set the bar at a very high level for the technology of MTM’s products. The general watchwords of MTM company are quality and performances. The MTM’s technical staff is composed of engineers and technicians highly skilled. Its engineers are from different countries and have been trained in leading universities and specialized institutes. Many of them have long experiences at the European historical manufacturers. MTM pays close attention to the selection of its technical staff. Training programs are set up so that our staff's skills are in compliance with the latest technological developments. The quality and performance we want to provide our customers require us to achieve and maintain this high level for our employees. In our company, there is no step left to chance in the long way that allows us to deliver machines with high quality. The highest standards are applied at each level. They start with a robust and innovative design and include draconian choice of all machines components. Finally, close attention is paid to the paintings finishes. MTM is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of the equipment for flour milling and for the grain industry. MTM possesses in Turkey, Konya, offices and manufacturing facilities totaling an area of 10,000 m². There are also engineering offices or commercial representation offices in Italy, in France and in North Africa. MTM's workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. There are CNC lathes, laser cutting machines, and robotic welding machines. MTM has a workshop dedicated to the electrostatic powder coating and epoxy. These techniques provide excellent paint finish for the machines coming out of our workshops. MTM leads an ongoing program of research and development, which allows it patenting and creating new machines that improve yields and hygienic level of the products. This program permits also reducing cost of production for our customers. Thank to our R & D program, we provide for flour and semolina milling, animal feed or other grain industries, machines that ensure a 24/7 efficient and reliable running. However, our machines run with low operating and maintenance costs. The esthetic design is present in the earlier stages of the conception of our machines. This operation mode leads to machines with a nice aspect and with higher perceived quality. We propose to our customers, for flour and milling and production lines, facilities with a capacity ranging from 50 to 1,000 tons per 24 hours. We manufacture all components for flour mill and semolina facilities and the main machinery for animal feed production lines. Our new Roller-Mill and Purifiers, which received a comprehensive and major reengineering effort, rapidly became the benchmark in the market for flour and semolina milling. All our machines are excellent. Convinced of the need to move forward in our highly technological business, we conduct periodic redefinition and retrofitting for our machines. We capitalize on the valuable experience gained in the field by our technicians. We also benefit from our constant interaction with our customers. We are concerned with the sustainable developmen, so we pay a special attention to the energetic consumption of our machines because energy is the challenge of the 21st century and has an increasing weight in the production costs. We ensure the delivery of separate machines or turn-key projects. When our customers entrust their turn-key projects to us, we provide them comprehensive councils and supports. Their projects are then designed in our offices according to their wishes in an optimized manner. Yields of high added value product of our turn-key facilities-key hands are very high. This allows our customers to be very competitive in their markets and have a short time investment payback. MTM designs and manufactures equipment and machinery for all the stages of the grains milling process. It also designs and manufactures the electrical control cabinets of the plants, and the equipment that enables automated driving for the whole facilities. The turn-key plants we provide are usually controlled from a control room through computers with interactive screens. These automated driving systems allow instant monitoring of manufacturing efficiencies and provides the necessary reports to the plant management. MTM's activity also extends to the renovation operations of existing plants. Our technologists define the optimal ways that allows our customers to upgrade their installation with less cost while ensuring the targeted production capacity and with the best qualitative yields. With all its efforts, and thanks to the quality of its products, MTM can boast of being the only company with factories in Turkey got its machines for the standards CE, TUV, and ISO 9001 latest version . Our client reference list extends from Siberia to Latin America, through North Africa, Italy, and Spain. It thus covers the four continents of the world with satisfied customers who come back and recommend us. MTM now plays in the course of the major of the manufacturers of the grain processing equipment. It became a worldwide reference company in the field of flour and semolina milling. MTM, Drive your project to success!




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